Dscaff SBS Plastic Formwork System Test Pour

Dscaff’s SBS Plastic Formwork System Test Pour-has been successfully accomplished.

Over the past 7 months Dscaff has been developing a revolutionary new formwork product for the handset systems market. We call it SBS – Plastic Formwork System.

On the 3rd October, 2014 SBS was put through it paces via load testing and actual concrete placement. We have to admit there is always the chance that something may not go as you would expect and sure enough that is exactly what happened.

SBS out performed our highest expectations, Ease of assembly, double our anticipated pour rate and well under our expected deflections. We had dial gauges in several places to measure deflection, when pouring was complete in a full hydrostatic process (2.4mtr high wall) and again 24 hours later.

Technical documentation and product manuals are very well underway and will be available within weeks, so please keep an eye out for the official release of Dscaff’s SBS – Plastic Formwork System.

Formwork System Dscaff’s SBS Plastic SBS Plastic Formwork


DXS Alloy frame Bridging system-Testing

Through the course of the week commencing Sept 29th through to October 4th, Dscaff has been undertaking final load testing of our new Alloy frame Bridging system we call DXS.

The test called for a 20mtr unsupported span with a center span load of some 3.5tonnes to initially rate the system. However DXS achieved far more than this.

After testing was complete, a continuing load of 4tonnes has been in place for some 7 days now with fantastic results. We also added a car just to show the versatility of DXS. Please check out our photos of the new Dscaff DXS, Alloy Bridging System. We are sure that you will be impressed.

Full technical data will be available in the coming weeks but be quick, clients are already lining up.

For more details about DXS click here

DXS Alloy frame Bridging system DXS alloy frame bridging system alloy frame bridging system