Introducing DXS Alloy Bridging

DXS is a modular alloy truss system designed to provide solutions for complicated industrial access requirements. This light weight alloy system with exceptional strength allows you to build strait and curved structures to complete any number of projects from bridge maintenance access to temporary warehousing. The possibilities reach as far as the imagination. The lightweight system can be suspended, and even mounted on trolleys, ideal for industrial stadium roof maintenance or simply spanning large distances with the ability to still carry heavy loads. Dscaff provide a full design and engineering service for DXS applications.

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The Edge Malaysia News -The Revolutionary Formwork and Shoring Solution
SBS Sustainable Building Solution is modular formwork system comprising of steel reinforced plastic panels,designed to mould columns,walls and slabs.The patented design incorporates and innovative insert moulding concept, which allows the capacities of a traditional steel / ply faced form system to be incorporated within the light weight and low maintenance plastic panel. The panels are designed for multiple re-uses maintaining consistent casting quality,unlike traditional plywood which has a very short lifespan before the casting quality significantly reduces.The fully enclosed plastic panel, requires minimal maintenance that can be stored in the open and is not susceptible to termites,splitting,and swelling.
The product can be fully recycled once it passes its useful lifespan.The injection moulding process provides consistent accuracy in manufacture for every panel, resulting in a premium product every time

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