Petronas Visit To Dscaff

Dscaff welcomed Petronas heads of department, including a team from GTS to a full days meeting at Dscaff HQ and Klang factory.

We started the morning session with a walk around our showroom, introducing a full range of traditional and innovative scaffolding products, the rest of the morning was spent discussing technical standards

The afternoon started with a visit to Dscaff’s forging facility where we manufacture our couplers,  followed by a visit to our modular testing facilities where we again broke our own world strength record for modular scaffolding. Petronas also saw couplers being tested in our EN74 test lab and we ended the afternoon with a competition to erect tubular and modular scaffolding bays, needless to say the modular was completed in a third of the time.

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SBS Slab Demo Video

SBS Slab Live demo in Dscaff HQ- Demo area. One of a kind innovation by Dscaff.

The flexible system for floor slabs.SBS is the right formwork system for floor plans of any shape,beams, floor extensions to be formed fast and economical.




Product Knowledge and training to Staff

What better way to learn about the products than from the director himself!



Press Meet- 2015 & Signing Ceremony


Press Meet- 2015 & Signing Ceremony of a three way “Teaming Agreement” between Amur Finance Company, Coral Alliance and Dscaff Group. Together they will collaborated with Dscaff as their technical partner in the manufacturing of offshore Lifting cargo baskets which conforms to the new prescribed standards of DNV 2.7-1, 2.7-2,2.7-3 and EN12079.

Signing of LOI (Letter of Intent) between Coral Alliance Sdn. Bhd and Dscaff Engineering Sdn. Bhd for the supply of offshore scaffolding materials for current and ongoing projects with a value of RM 12 million