Modular Platform for MRT Pasar Seni

Installation of DXS Modular platform for MRT Pasar Seni

DXS Temporary Sidewall Access Platform installation for MRT Pasar Seni conducted on 27th November to 30th November,2017. This project took 4 days to erect and the works were only carried out at night from 10.00p.m to 5.00 a.m.

Scope of Project

Two unit of 35.2m DXS access platforms each weighing 2.6 tonne were installed on both sides of MRT pedestrian bridge with one mobile tower on each platform. Each platform has a safe working load of 500kg.

Project Area

The location of this project is at MRT Pasar Seni near Jalan Tun Sambanthan.The existing bridge is located 12m above the river.

Challenges at Site

There are few notable challenges such as night work, road closure, abrupt changes in river level and limited road access.

Unloading material requires 25 ton mobile crane to unload from road to riverberm at 6m height which consumes 2 hours for the unloading process.

Lifting temporary access platform on temporary support requires minimum 160 ton of mobile crane as the working radius from the center of mobile crane location to centre of existing pedestrian bridge is about 40m. Lifting process for 2nd platform was quite challenging, as we needed to due to avoid the existing roofing structure at LRT Pasar Seni and walkway.

DXS- Modular Warehouse | modular Scructure

Dscaff DXS Modular Warehouse Structure


The term Modular building refers to a structure which comprise of individual sections called “modules”.

DXS Modular Warehouse system is a completely prefabricated system, where all components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment ensuring consistent quality and eliminates on site fabrication. The structure is extendable, easily relocatable and quick to install.

UB Column Warehouse

DXS trusses are lightweight and high strength modular space frames. A complete warehouse structure consists of main frames, starter frames, spigots and apex frames. The main frame are the backbones of the roof truss system which are connected together using spigot and bolts to form a large span truss.  

Conventional system vs DXS system

Conventional warehouse system requires more time and the risk of work at heights while Dscaff DXS Warehouse system truss modules can be assembled on the ground level, complete with roof purlins. This reduces the risk of working at height and eventually reduces the duration of assembling.  

DXS Truss for Warehouse

Advantage of Using Dscaff Dxs Modular Warehouse:

  • Minimal site preparation as only lightweight slab and no piling is required on average soil condition.
  • The structure is extendable, easily relocatable and quick to install.
  • A choice of width, height and length to optimise your usage.
  • DXS Sytem can be used to build temporary and permanent buildings. The structure can then be customised to the clients requirement.
Modular Warehouse
DXS Access Scaffolding Warehouse

At DXS we strive for efficiency right from design stage. We continuously strive for improvement in our processes so that we can deliver real value to our customer.

Applications for DXS Multipurpose Modular Structures

  • Industrialized Building System
  • Industrialized Weather Protection
  • Large Span Structure
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Storage Solutions
  • Modular Buildings
  • Prefabricated Buildings
  • Relocatable Structures / Buildings
  • Temporary Office
  • Temporary Storage
  • Temporary Shed
  • Temporary Warehousing
  • Ship in Stand Container

This light-weight alloy truss system has exceptional strength and allows you to build a variety of long spanned structures . The possibilities reach as far as the imagination and facilitate both straight and curved applications.


Dscaff TRX Bridge

Lendlease awarded Dscaff to Design and Implement Pedestrian Access Bridge for Prestigious TRX Project

  • Dscaff have been awarded an Engineering, Supply and Installation contract for a pedestrian bridge by Lend Lease Malaysia Projects. The 35m long bridge is to allow workers safe access to and from the Prestigious Lifestyle project at Tun Razak Exchange. ( TRX )
  • The 2.5meter wide bridge can safely support up to 300 workers at one time to cater for peak hour foot traffic.
  • The modular designed bridge was safely built at ground level, The 4.2 MT main structure was lifted in one piece onto pre-prepared modular stair and supporting towers using an 80 MT capacity crane.
  • This is a great example of the smooth integration between Dscaff products, which include, DXS bridging, SAS modular scaffolding and shoring with DSS safety barriers.


Multipurpose warehouse

DXS Modular Warehouse

Reach Beyond Limits

Dscaff DXS  was awarded a contract to design and build building facilities forTOYO Engineering at RAPID (Refinery And Petrochemical Integrated Development) Project in Pengerang, Johor. RAPID is part of the biggest PETRONAS Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) development. PIC is part of Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) to establish new engines of growth for  Malaysia.

  • Multipurpose warehouse
  • Multipurpose Shed
  • Modular Warehouse - Basketball Shed

DXS Multi-Purpose Shed
Dscaff has been appointed to design and build two multipurpose shed. Here each roof covered shed with size of 18m x 32.5m was erected. The shed which is located inside worker’s temporary facility camp is used for general assembly and for basketball games, all in effort to encourage healthy lifestyle among workers.

DXS Modular Warehouse for faster and efficient construction
DXS Modular Warehouse for faster and efficient construction

Another project within the same vicinity are two units of general warehouse with building spanning about 30m (100ft) without any central support, and length of 60m (200ft). Using the same modular frames technique, each structure which is fully enclosed, took between 4-6 weeks to complete. The speed of building erection means faster return on investment from our client’s perspective as the building can be used sooner.

DXS Aluminium Multipurpose warehouse DXS Aluminium Multipurpose warehouse

As a result of our success, we were awarded by WABAG-MUHIBBAH JV to build two more warehouses which we erected and completed in 3 weeks, with only two week lead time. Those warehouses will also be used for RAPID project works.


DXS Multipurpose Shed at TOYO CDC RAPID, Pengerang

Dscaff- DXS Multipurpose Shed Is being Erected in TOYO CDC RAPID (Refinery And Petrochemical Integrated Development) Project in Pengerang, Johor.

Rapid-1 Rapid-2 Rapid-3 Rapid-4


Live erection updates of DXS at CDC Toyo site, Pengerang. #rapidpetronas #toyo #dxs #dscaff

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Structure completed. #dxs #rapidpetronas

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Final roof of DXS modular multipurpose shed at Rapid , Petronas. #dscaff #dxs #rapidpetronas

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1st DXS multipurpose shed completed for Toyo, at CDC, Rapid, Petronas. #dscaff #rapidpetronas #dxs #

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Introducing DXS Alloy Bridging

DXS is a modular alloy truss system designed to provide solutions for complicated industrial access requirements. This light weight alloy system with exceptional strength allows you to build strait and curved structures to complete any number of projects from bridge maintenance access to temporary warehousing. The possibilities reach as far as the imagination. The lightweight system can be suspended, and even mounted on trolleys, ideal for industrial stadium roof maintenance or simply spanning large distances with the ability to still carry heavy loads. Dscaff provide a full design and engineering service for DXS applications.

More details about DXS please click here


DXS Alloy frame Bridging system-Testing

Through the course of the week commencing Sept 29th through to October 4th, Dscaff has been undertaking final load testing of our new Alloy frame Bridging system we call DXS.

The test called for a 20mtr unsupported span with a center span load of some 3.5tonnes to initially rate the system. However DXS achieved far more than this.

After testing was complete, a continuing load of 4tonnes has been in place for some 7 days now with fantastic results. We also added a car just to show the versatility of DXS. Please check out our photos of the new Dscaff DXS, Alloy Bridging System. We are sure that you will be impressed.

Full technical data will be available in the coming weeks but be quick, clients are already lining up.

For more details about DXS click here

DXS Alloy frame Bridging system DXS alloy frame bridging system alloy frame bridging system