Lendlease awarded Dscaff to Design and Implement Pedestrian Access Bridge for Prestigious TRX Project

Dscaff TRX Bridge
  • Dscaff have been awarded an Engineering, Supply and Installation contract for a pedestrian bridge by Lend Lease Malaysia Projects. The 35m long bridge is to allow workers safe access to and from the Prestigious Lifestyle project at Tun Razak Exchange. ( TRX )
  • The 2.5meter wide bridge can safely support up to 300 workers at one time to cater for peak hour foot traffic.
  • The modular designed bridge was safely built at ground level, The 4.2 MT main structure was lifted in one piece onto pre-prepared modular stair and supporting towers using an 80 MT capacity crane.
  • This is a great example of the smooth integration between Dscaff products, which include, DXS bridging, SAS modular scaffolding and shoring with DSS safety barriers.