DXS Modular Warehouse

Multipurpose warehouse

Reach Beyond Limits

Dscaff DXS  was awarded a contract to design and build building facilities forTOYO Engineering at RAPID (Refinery And Petrochemical Integrated Development) Project in Pengerang, Johor. RAPID is part of the biggest PETRONAS Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) development. PIC is part of Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) to establish new engines of growth for  Malaysia.

  • Multipurpose warehouse
  • Multipurpose Shed
  • Modular Warehouse - Basketball Shed

DXS Multi-Purpose Shed
Dscaff has been appointed to design and build two multipurpose shed. Here each roof covered shed with size of 18m x 32.5m was erected. The shed which is located inside worker’s temporary facility camp is used for general assembly and for basketball games, all in effort to encourage healthy lifestyle among workers.

DXS Modular Warehouse for faster and efficient construction
DXS Modular Warehouse for faster and efficient construction

Another project within the same vicinity are two units of general warehouse with building spanning about 30m (100ft) without any central support, and length of 60m (200ft). Using the same modular frames technique, each structure which is fully enclosed, took between 4-6 weeks to complete. The speed of building erection means faster return on investment from our client’s perspective as the building can be used sooner.

DXS Aluminium Multipurpose warehouse DXS Aluminium Multipurpose warehouse

As a result of our success, we were awarded by WABAG-MUHIBBAH JV to build two more warehouses which we erected and completed in 3 weeks, with only two week lead time. Those warehouses will also be used for RAPID project works.