Article on Safety systems in the Construction Workplace

Article on Safety in the Construction Workplace

Living on the Edge

ASEAN Construction market 

Article on Safety Systems in the Construction Workplace

The Construction Industry in Malaysia and South East Asia is on the rise despite the financial turmoil driven by the current lower world resources pricing. With Large Scale Mix-use Developments and Infrastructure projects continuing, we are seeing thousands of workers on these projects that often come from countries which do not regulate nor practice safety standards of a level seen and demanded within many other developed countries around the world. Without the worker knowing, this is putting them at a greater risk. The risks are not just dealing with general day to day project site duties but even more so while working from heights. Every year, within the ASEAN region, approximately 350 worker fatalities are directly caused by falling objects and falling workers on construction/industrial projects from working platforms. These statistics clearly show that falling materials and falls from heights together, is by far one of the biggest killers in the construction industry today. The number of near misses is not recorded but expected to be well into the ‘000’s of incidents per year throughout the region.

“Imagine if all of them fell down from one site, at the same time…we would call it a disaster and it would be broadcast on every media outlet around the world over night…but as these accidents are happening at different project, the problem doesn’t s seem as big as it really is and hence doesn’t get the attention it deserves” – says Niklas Gustafsson, Managing Director at Dscaff Safety Systems

Most of these workers are family providers, sending money home to support their extended families. So not only is it a human tragedy when a family is fatally injured or permanently maimed, but it also has a negative socio-economical effect

Safety – We all have a role to play 

Developers, Contractors, workers and the local authorities must work together to ensure that safety is promoted and adopted throughout the entire industry. There is of course a cost to implement safety, but this should have been seen more as an investment rather than an expense.

Any project site with recorded “Lost Time Injuries” (LTI’s) or “Fatalities” will not have the same productivity levels as a site which does not have these injuries to manage. Every project site has ongoing costs which will continue regardless of the site productivity. Therefore, making the investment in safety on your site will result in a productive output far higher than a site that does not make the investment.


Safety by Design 

Designing to mitigate identified hazards during the planning stage is the most cost effective way of reducing and managing the risk of falling objects and falls from height.

Choosing the right products used in the correct method will reduce the risk of incident for activities carried out at height. It is obvious that current methods and products used today are simply not good enough. Safety by Design is a service that is free of charge from Dscaff Safety Systems

Article on Safety Systems Construction Workplace
Fig1.1- Article on Safety in the Construction Workplace

Dscaff Safety Systems (DSS)

Within the construction industry today, it is near impossible to erect a structure of height which does not pose any risk to the workers or the public. The risks are of course falling materials and workers falling from heights. Dscaff Safety Systems (DSS) recognise these risks and offer many products to the industry to assist in the saving of lives. DSS has a range of safety nets, safety screens, temporary edge protection systems which are all designed to prevent such incidents.

The safety nets are one of the most flexible in application for just about any structure. There are a number of different types of safety nets. The DSS safety screen, again come in a number of configurations from static to self-climbing systems. You can be sure that no matter what your requirements are, you can be assured that the offerings from DSS and the entire Dscaff Group of Companies will provide you and your workplace with the highest level of safety systems all of which are tested and certified to international standards for your guaranteed piece of mind.  If you would like to discuss what products are right for your project, please contact your local Dscaff Safety Systems office.

Dscaff Safety Systems - Niklas

Niklas Gustafsson 

Managing Director, Dscaff Safety Systems Sdn. Bhd.(DSS)




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