Dscaff Safety Systems and Ireka Group

IREKA Group, one of Malaysia leading Property Developers and International Contractors, joins the rapidly growing number of construction companies to award Dscaff Safety Systems the design, fabrication and supply contract, for EN-compliant Fall Arrest Safety Protection Screens with Flame Retardant Ventilated Sheeting.

Ireka is leading the way in line with the National Occupational Safety & Health Master Plan for Malaysia 2020 which is currently implementing its third phase (Preventive Culture).

“We are very pleased with the trust invested in Dscaff Group from IREKA’s top management and we are happy to see one of our key customers pro-actively acting in compliance with the Malaysian National Blue Ocean Strategy- to transform the construction sector towards a safer, more productive and sustainable industry’ says Dscaff Safety Systems Managing Director, Niklas GustafssonDscaff Safety Systems and Ireka Group