About SAS

Dscaff SAS Modular Scaffolding has exceptional loading capacity that allows you to stock just ONE system to support your heavy duty shoring requirements as well as provide access scaffolding. This ensures greater utilisation of product than ever before. This is great news for scaffolding owners and rental fleets. Providing working capacities never seen before in the modular scaffolding system arena. Our ability to reach well in excess of 60 mtrs/180 feet , without the need to strengthen up the supporting legs is impressive but at the same time we can offer multiple access decks within the structure (At 64 mtrs / 209 feet SAS can offer 32 levels fully decked, all with fully decked hop up brackets and incorporating 1 level with a Heavy Duty rating of 675kgs/1488 pounds per bay (capabilities listed are based on (AS/NZ and EN standard). Our Shoring capacities are exceptional ( 88.2 kN / leg at 1.0 m lifts / 64.4 kN at 1.5m lifts :AS/NZ and EN standard ). This simply means less materials and less labour time together with all the associated benefits of using less equipment on a project. Safe access and modular platforms ensure modular type usability and safety. SAS Modular system boasts many unique design features such as forged rings, forged wedges, ultra high tensile steels to name a few. By utilising high grade steel tubing we can not only provide high strength but also keep the weight of the system components much lighter compared to other systems. This weight reduction can be as much as 20% in some cases. The traditional ring lock design has been enhanced with a patented forged and tapered ring , used  together with forged wedges and re-engineered ledger ends, the system stiffness has been greatly improved in terms of capacity, making it ideal for

  • scaffolding towers
  • shoring towers
  • scaffolding jobs
  • scaffolding rental
  • companies and events

SAS Manual and Details

  • access trap door
  • Aluminium Unit Beam
  • alu toeboard
  • aluminium spigot
  • base jack
  • deck retaining strap
  • diagonal brace
  • DS3DL deck
  • handrail
  • heavy duty shoring jack
  • hopup bracket
  • horizontal ledger

SAS Gallery

  • Modular Ring Lock Scaffolding

Why Choose SAS Modular Scaffolding?

High leg loading

Most ridged connections

Forged rings

Forged wedges

Light weight

Automated production quality

Suitable for Shoring and Access applications

Tested to and complies with all major International Standards

4m Stair Tower