SBS (Sustainable Building Systems) is a light weight modularformworksystem for the construction industry. The main technology revolves around the patented moulded steel inserts which gives the polypropylene panel the strength of a traditional steel panel system, yet all of the advantages of a low maintenance, lightweight plastic panel. The panel can be stored safely outdoors, in the rain and sun, is impervious to termites and most corrosive environments.

The polypropylene panel does not require any formwork release oil to be applied as concrete will not stick to this material, The panel is easily removed once the concrete is cured. This also further reduces labour costs and site pollution. There is no longer any need to drill holes into the formwork as the panels are pre fitted with multiple tie opening points which take into account a range of concrete pressures and pour rates. A purpose made filler plug is secured to the remaining tie holes openings which are not in use.

The plastic formwork system is totally modular, and suitable for shuttering and forming columns, walls, beams and slabs, a comprehensive range of accessories allow you to solve most problems with minimal effort.

Dscaff SBS incorporates a unique dual locking pin, which connects panels and accessories with a simple twist action, increasing site efficiency and decreasing lost materials.

Dscaff have commissioned an easy to operate software program to allow the client to quickly design vertical formwork, added features allow clients own inputs for labour, and other cost options. SBS has been developed in conjunction with Dscaff SAS for slabforms

Dscaff SBS is fully recyclable, with the virgin Polypropylene generally being in high demand. Dscaff offer mechanical shredding solutions to allow easy panel recycling.

Formwork Panel

SBS Plastic FormWork Manual & Details

  • 300 x 600 A
  • 600 x 600 A
  • External Corner Angle
  • Infill Angle
  • Filler 50
  • Internal Corner Panel
  • Panel Connecting Pin
  • Prop Bracket
  • Floor Bracket
  • Telescopic prop Large & Small-1

SBS Plastic Formwork Gallery

  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork
  • SBS Plastic Formwork

Why Choose SBS Plastic Formwork / Slabform?

Pre-designer tie location.

Under 50% the weight of conventional system

Connection pin fits all panel connection

Assembly is by hand

Re-usable form ties

None porous surface

Wash down with water

No keys and wedges

Over 100+ castings per panels

Little to no tools required

Casting quality remains the same throughout the life of the panel

SBS Slab Formwork

Project Gallery

SBS Live Demo