Reduce capital expenditure on your next project ..

Talk to us about providing all of your rental scaffolding requirements . We can provide door to door delivery, yard and asset management including technical expertise so you can focus on your core business.

Who are we.

Dscaff Capital Sdn Bhd is a fully owned subsidiary of Dscaff Ltd. Dscaff Capital supplies quality products from Dscaff Group, which have been designed to comply fully with BS , EN and AS/NZD standards.

Geographical Areas

Our main focus are major industrial projects in Malaysia and South East Asia. We will consider other locations on a project specific basis.

How it works

Options include:- *Rental of equipment *Rental with option to purchase some or all of the equipment on maturity

Asset management:-

  • We can provide permanent staff to asset manage our equipment,
  • Includes yard and storage service
  • Record keeping, incoming and outgoing materials to nominated subcontractors
  • Monthly usage reports
  • Reports regarding lost or damaged materials
  • Logistics

Please contact us to discuss your specific project requirements. rental scaffolding - Dscaff Capital

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