Best Practice solutions for Fall Prevention and Fall Protection in Construction
Niklas Gustafsson, Group Sales Director speaker at the CABE Annual Conference " Pathways to Excellence" at the...
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Product Review and Application
Product preview and application by Dscaff Group
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Certifications: The first step to new overseas markets
Our Group Managing Directors Interview in The Edge News Paper Sunderaj Nagalingam, group managing director...
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OneBuild 2017 was a huge success and we thank everyone @dscaff for their effort and...
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Come and join us at OneBuild 2017
Come and join us at #OneBuild 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Convention Center from 2nd – 4th November 2017...
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Dscaff Managing Director in BFM Breakaway 2017
Mr. Sunderaj Nagalingam of Dscaff Group as a Guest speaker at  the Enterprise Breakaway 2017...
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Short interview in BFM 89.9 (July 27th)
Dscaff Founders Mr. Christian Hillier and Mr. Sunderaj Nagalingam had a short interview with BFM 89.9...
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Dscaff Astro
The scaffolding entrepreneurs interview in AstroAWANI
Mr. Sunderaj Nagalingam and Mr. Christian Hillier Co-founders of Dscaff had an interview with Astro...
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The Edge Malaysia newspaper article – Raising The Bar
The Edge Malaysia News -Raising The Bar This was published for the week of July 10th...
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Dscaff Safety Systems Managing Director @ 2017 Annual Masterbuilders Association Malaysia (MBAM)
Dscaff Safety Systems Managing Director Niklas Gustafsson presenting: “International Best Practices in Fall Prevention and...
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Earth Day 2017 – Recyclable Products from Dscaff
Its widely acknowledged that the human race is having a significant and harmful impact on...
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Dscaff @ Gastech Conference & Exhibition
Dscaff is exhibiting in Gastech Conference & Exhibition – The largest Global GAS and LNG...
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