Earth Day 2017 – Recyclable Products from Dscaff


Its widely acknowledged that the human race is having a significant and harmful impact on our planet. At government level, we have signed climate accord treaties, and at the commercial level we have greatly reduced the cost of producing renewable energy. However, there is still a lot to be achieved.

The increase in human population and infrastructural developments are threatening to all of the earth’s natural resources. We need to conserve our resources in one hand while developing in the other.

Dscaff Founders in Endeavor “Effective Business Planning For Growth”

It was a great and memorable moment for the Founders of Dscaff Group Mr. Sunderaj Nagalingam and Christian Hillier with some of the greatest Entrepreneurs in the region. The whole session includes

  • Business Planning – Strategy, Planning Ahead, Effective planning
  • Defining Success
  • Executions – KPI, Team Plan
  • Review and Measuring Progress

The Purpose of the ‘Roundtable Series’ is to allow participants to learn from their peers and mentors via open dialogue and debate. Creating an intimate environment for participants to share and discuss their challenges and experiences freely with their mentors. Dscaff Group Founders used this opportunity discuss about their experiences and built a strong foundation with their peers and mentors.This Endeavor Malaysia Roundtable series work in such a way that it will help Entrepreneurs current needs and challenges.forest is destroyed each year in Asia to produce low quality plywood, which is used for formwork. This ply is reused between 1 to 4 times before it degrades and is sent to landfill. Dscaff have launched a structural plastic formwork panel system which can be reused between 100 – 300 times, after which the panel can be 100% recycled. Unlike steel or plywood, plastic does not require release oil or similar chemicals to be applied to the formwork before each reuse.

Dscaff have designed a new metal walking platform with superior non-slip properties to replace laminated timber platforms for use in Australia, this product is lighter, stronger, and safer. It also has a much longer lifespan requiring less maintenance and again can be recycled after completion of its useful life span.

Use of reusable and recyclable materials was one of the key performance indicators (KPI’S)  in the development of our safety systems. Currently the rate of recyclable material used in our systems is 100%, significantly reducing the use of raw materials and hence the impact on our global resources.