Dscaff Founders in Endeavor “Effective Business Planning For Growth”

Dscaff Founders in Endeavor “Effective Business Planning For Growth”

It was a great and memorable moment for the Founders of Dscaff Group Mr. Sunderaj Nagalingam and Christian Hillier with some of the greatest Entrepreneurs in the region. The whole session includes

  • Business Planning – Strategy, Planning Ahead, Effective planning
  • Defining Success
  • Executions – KPI, Team Plan
  • Review and Measuring Progress

The Purpose of the ‘Roundtable Series’ is to allow participants to learn from their peers and mentors via open dialogue and debate. Creating an intimate environment for participants to share and discuss their challenges and experiences freely with their mentors. Dscaff Group Founders used this opportunity discuss about their experiences and built a strong foundation with their peers and mentors.This Endeavor Malaysia Roundtable series work in such a way that it will help Entrepreneurs current needs and challenges.Endeavor-Effective-Business-Planning-For-Growth-1