Dscaff formwork division has the flexibility to use the best product on today’s market for the any type of project. We have expanded our fleet with strategic alliances with some of the worlds best formwork brands. We have capability to tackle any project of any size

Modular Scaffolding

Dscaff SAS Modular Scaffolding has exceptional loading capacity that allows you to stock just ONE system to support your heavy duty shoring requirements as well as provide access scaffolding. This ensures greater utilisation of product than ever before.

Tubular Scaffolding

A full range of fully compliment and branded tubular scaffolding with accessories are available. This type of scaffolding widely used in the Oil&Gas and Energy sectors.

Ground Shoring

Dscaff offers a complete Ground Shoring solution for all your groundwork needs, With a dedicated project support providing you with the most efficient shoring solution possible.

Jacking System

Jacking System is predominantly used to form lift cores and vertical shafts both above and below ground and can be installed immediately after the first pour. The system climbs as a complete unit using 30t capacity electrically powered jacks to a tolerance of 2mm. This is the most advanced jumpform system available today.

Contracting Services

Dscaff can provide a skilled workforce to erect, maintain and manage the full range of Dscaff products.

Alloy Access Solutions

Dscaff DXS is a modular lightweight alloy truss system, which has a wide variety of specialist applications, including pedestrian bridges, access over voids, modular structures among others.

Modular Warehousing

DXS trusses are a lightweight and high strength modular space frame system suitable to use in building structures such as warehousing, and creating access to long unsupported spans for industrial and other applications

Pedestrian Bridges

Dscaff DXS trusses can be used for temporary bridge/footbridge over a large span when complete with handrail,staircase and safety screen the bridge offers a safe and strong passage for users.


Megashor is an ultra high-duty modular propping system designed for high axial loads. But its real strength lies in its versatility. From heavy lifting towers to travellers for tunnel formwork, bracing for excavations, shoring and trusses, Megashor can be configured for a huge variety of applications.

Safety Catch Net

Dscaff has designed and engineered wide range of rapid deployment, modular, passive and collective Safety Catch Net solutions, applicable to most structures and methods of construction, temporary works and Scaffolding

Safety Screens

A range of modular self climbing screens and edge protection barrier are available.


A new generation Modular Stadium, using Modular R.C. Precast elements, and Architectural Membrane Roofing. Our Air-supported Domes for sports and industrial applications are made of the same engineered membrane structures

Rental Solutions

Talk to us about providing all of your rental requirements . We can provide door to door delivery, yard and asset management including technical expertise so you can focus on your core business.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Our Engineering department is at the very core of our product range, from understanding material properties to using powerful software applications. Our manufacturing capabilities range from forming steel and alloy sections, through to forging and injection moulding

Project Management Consultant Services

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning

Management for Start-up, Operation and Maintenance

Management for Turnaround/Shutdown

Management for De-Commissioning onshore plant and offshore platform

Professional Consultant liaison with local authorities and other government agencies