Safety System

Dscaff produces a complete range of safety systems in accordance with international standards and best practice procedures in fall prevention and fall protection

This includes the adaptation and implementation of construction design and management (CDM) into our products as well as services, offering systemized passive and collective Fall Arrest system solutions in compliance with EN13374 and EN1263-1 Standards.

Fall Prevention Systems, Screen

Designed and engineered to be preassembled on ground level to reduce the number of active components installed while working at height, the Dscaff Fall Prevention Screens is a light weight, full height enclosure solution and complies with both EN13374:2005 as well as EN1263-1.

Fall Prevention System - Dscaff

Fall Arrest Safety Catch Nets

Dscaff’s EN1263-1 “Type T” Modular Safety Catch Net Systems are designed to minimize the number of manhours Working at Height.The system is completely assembled on ground level, where there is no risk of falling from height, subsequently engineering away the hazard. Our systems can easily be modified to suit any type of structure in the construction industry.The System allows for individual units to be folded into the structure for access to Loading Platforms below, periodical inspections and maintenance and cleaning.

Fall Arrest System

Fall Prevention Safety Barrier

Our Fall Prevention Safety Barrier is an engineered and optimized product for rapid deployment of EN13374:2005 Class A Edge Protection. The system reduces the number of active components compared with traditional tube and fitting handrails by 70%, significantly increasing safety and productivity on construction sites in any industry sector.

Fall Prevention Safety

Fall protec

Fallprotec provides horizontal fall arrest equipment, anchoring systems for protecting workers during the maintenance, inspection and cleaning on industrial roofs. Fallprotec’s solutions meet the European and US standards for permanent roofing systems.

Fall protection & fall arrest system