ATB Process Unit construction , Tanjung Bin, Johor

Having recently completed over 16,000 dia inch of piping works, Dscaff have been awarded a further 99 test packs comprising of approximately 4500 Dia Inch welding, inspection, hydro testing, reinstatement, QC and documentation. This task in itself is a big testament of Dscaff team in meeting our client expectations. Our foray into mechanical works started with humble beginnings and has grown into new enhanced capabilities, making our goal of becomming an industrial service leader more meaningful.

Men at site : 262 Pax
Project Site: ATB Process Unit construction. , Tanjung Bin, Johor.
Client : ATB / Vitol

Task : To complete 99 piping test packs in 45 days. (Approximately 4500 Dia Inch)

Scope : Mechanical – Piping
Industry: Oil and Gas #construction#mechanical#project